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BQMBQM is located at the special economic zone & seaport city of Xiamen. We specialize in designing and manufacturing toilet water tank fittings such as fill valve, flush valve, push button, water tank, toilet seat cover, water-saving devices, and other related products. Thanks to the continuous development and innovation since establishment, we have already become a strong pioneer in the water-saving and energy-saving area.

All of our products are famous for elegant appearance, super quality, energy-saving and eco-friendly design. We are pursuing continuous innovation based on top quality standards. In management, we adopt the workable and reliable theory, such as 6-Sigma, JIT, TQC, and so on. In order to improve our management level, our management team firmly abides by the quality management system of ISO9001:2008 and actively perfects our quality assurance system......

Xiamen BQM Sanitary Ware Technology Inc.

Tel.:    0086-592-5923345
Fax:    0086-592-5992459
Email: bqmchina@yahoo.com
          Skype: bqmchina
Website: http://www.bqmtankfitting.com

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